Home Staging for Northern

Home staging is the art of selling a home faster by transforming a home to make it more appealing to the right buyer by making a home memorable. Proper home staging accentuates the positives of a home and sets inviting scenes throughout a home that attract the targeted buyers for that demographic area.

What We Do?

We emphasize a home’s focal points and create inviting scenes throughout a home that appeals to buyers. We do this by looking at a home and assessing the best features and focusing our staging efforts around those features. When staging, we give each room a purpose so buyers know the function of each room or get an idea of how to use a room. Just like you would dress yourself for an interview for your dream job, we dress your home for the right buyer. We provide a variety of home staging services to meet your needs so contact us for more information and a free estimate.

Facts About Home Staging

  • Home staging sells homes.
  • Staged homes sell an average of 17% higher then unstaged homes
  • Occupied staged homes spend 89% less time on the market then occupied unstaged homes (RESA)
  • Vacant staged homes spend 85% less time on the market then vacant unstaged homes (RESA)
  • Home staging maximizes home equity
  • Home staging is an excellent marketing tool for realtors and homeowners
  • Home buyers decide within 8 seconds of seeing a home whether they like a home or not
  • You only have one chance to make a good first impression and staging will help do that
  • Home staging is affordable and will cost less then your first price reduction
  • Home staging has become a necessity not a luxury in today’s competitive market

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