2 Hour Touch Up Service

Home Staging ImageOur 2 Hour Touch Up service is for occupied homes up to 2,400 sq ft. This is a perfect service for anyone who wants, or needs, a freshened up look when selling a home or living in the home. We will create a fresh new look with the items a client already has in their home. The service includes up to 2-hours touch up service of 3 key rooms. We will work on rearranging furniture, re-purposing existing decor items, hanging and rearranging art, organizing bookshelves and editing personal and decor items. Service includes up to 3 key rooms. Our 2-Hour Touch Up service is ideal for open houses, special events, holiday preparation, getting a home market ready or for senior citizens who need some assistance. The service does not include moving over-sized furniture or packing of items. If you need to move over-sized or heavy items, we can provide this service for an additional fee.  Contact us to get additional information on our 2-Hour Touch Up service and cost.