The Staging Fashionista’s Mission

The Staging Fashionista provides high quality, professional and creative home staging solutions to homeowners, realtors and investors to maximize home profit and minimize market time.

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About The Staging Fashionista

Manuela “Mannie” Ferguson

Hi, I’m Manuela “Mannie” Paninski and I’m an APSD certified Property Scene Designer and the Owner of The Staging Fashionista.

I graduated from the School of Interior Decorating at Ashworth College in 2003. I have always had a passion for rearranging, decluttering and decorating my own home and the homes of my family and friends. My friends refer to me as “Martha Stewart, Jr.” As Martha says – that is a good thing! Although this has been my passion since I was 9 years old, I did not pursue my dream until my later years.

Home staging and decorating brings out my creative side. With twenty-five years in public service and retired as a Senior Executive has provided me with customer service and management skills that have proven beneficial for my business. My second passion is helping people achieve their goals and objectives. Due to my public service background, I have worked with individuals from all walks of life and I have a knack for really understanding people, as every person is different and so are their needs, wants and requirements. So my number one priority is to provide the best customer service possible to all my clients. I take pride in serving people with a smile and a positive attitude and really listening to what they want. I understand that selling a home is stressful and that many times the reason for selling is not necessarily a want but a need due to unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances.

My goal is to provide courteous and honest feedback and to lessen the burden on the home owner or realtor to get a home prepared for the market. I provide a variety of options to clients that help the customer, maximize their equity and gets their home sold. My customer service skills and my ability to work with diverse cultures and backgrounds are skills that I pride myself on and I want my clients to be satisfied throughout the process. After all my client’s success is my success.


Mannie Paninski, Owner
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